7W Portable LED Disinfection Lamp Tube Handheld UVC Sterilizer Germicidal Lights

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Material: ABS
Germicidal lamp: UV-C 253.7nm with ozone
Power: 7W
Plug size:US
Lamp length: 14-23cm
wavelength: UV-C (253.7nm)
Irradiation intensity: > 2500uw / cm2
Packing: carton

Note: Please do not point the lamp to the skin and eyes of human beings/animals/pets/poultry.

This is a product that uses UVC LED to sterilize your daily necessities. UVC LED can penetrate biological cell membranes and nucleus effectively in only 10 seconds, destroying bacterial DNA or RNA, killing germs, and are mercury-free and ozone-free, which is safer and environmentally friendly. You can use it to sterilize everyday items, such as computers, mobile phones, cosmetics, fruits, and cups. Safe and convenient, it brings a healthy life.
Mini and portable, convenient to use
UVC LED sterilizer can kill almost all bacterial microorganisms.
It ensures 99.9% sterilizing rate.
Mercury-free and ozone-free, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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1Pcs X UVC disinfection lamp

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